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Getting Around in Joburg

Getting around Johannesburg depends purely on your economic status, most visitors to Gauteng get around by vehicles, because Gauteng has aaa well developed road network.But others prefer navigating the city using public transport,taxies

Shared Taxi: Most Jo’burgers get around in shared minibus taxis. The standard fare in the inner suburbs and the city centre is R8, while longer journeys are R15. There’s a complex system of hand/finger signals to tell a passing taxi where you want to go, so it’s best to look as though you know where you’re going and raise a confident index finger (drivers will stop if they’re going the same way).

If you take a minibus shared taxi into central Jo’burg, be sure to get off before it reaches the end of the route, and avoid the taxi rank – it’s a mugging zone. Getting a minibus taxi home from the city is a more difficult proposition.

Bus: Rea Vaya These buses provides safe, reliable public transport across Jo’burg and between Soweto (and other townships) and the city’s downtown areas. An inner-city circular route costs R7 (green line), while a full trip from the feeder routes to the inner city (blue line) costs R13.50.There are also metro bus services and privately own bus services like Tuco Buses

Taxi: There are taxis in Jo’burg, but they are relatively expensive. They all operate meters, but it’s wise to ask a local the likely price and agree on a fare from the outset.Rose Taxis and Maxi Taxi Cabs are reputable firms. These days, most Jo’burgers prefer to use Uber…