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Looking for Trucking Contracts

Many small trucking companies and individual truck owners go out of business because of the main challenge they face which is finding LOADS.

The best way to overcome this challenge lies on “dont look for the loads” rather look for clients and build relationships.

There are thousands of trucks outside there looking for loads rather than looking for clients, this way of looking is not profit oriented and there will be no growth in your truck business.Looking for loads only is tiresome and sometime frastrating because you must fight tooth and nail to find loads each and every other day

Although starting your truck business you can start by looking for loads, make this short term just for a start and then find long-term trucking contracts that will give you reliable business for years to come. Those clients are the ones who help you grow your company.

When you start a trucking business, you are looking for loads everywhere. You enter survival mode and take whatever loads you can. Obviously, you have to take this approach because you need the money.

However, taking any client is not a long-term strategy. And it’s definitely not how to make a successful trucking company. Instead, you need to be strategic and selective about whom you work with.You need to define your perfect client ahead of time to help you know what to look for when you start your sales efforts

A perfect client will be the one who has lager shipper or freight brokerage,pays well,offers quick pays, is reasonable,need your services regularly and Values service and is not completely focused on getting the cheapest rate all the time

Obviously, finding a client that meets all your criteria is nearly impossible. But finding a few clients who meet most of your criteria is certainly doable, if you are willing to put in the work.


Load boards can be a great resource to get you started. They can help you find loads and get you moving. They can even put a few – but not many – dollars in your pocket as well.
Load boards can be worth it for truckers, if you are just starting. However, a load board is not the place to find long-standing clients who give you loads regularly.

A simple trick if you use load boards would therefore be to consider buying some promotional pens with your logo and company phone number. Some truckers have built a client lists by simply leaving a pen (or more) every time they visit a shipper. Before long, your prospective clients will have your contact information.

It’s a simple way to get clients to remember you. However, be mindful of any non compete agreements you have when doing this.

Most if all truck-owner built build their business by securing contracts with local supermarkets and taking loads for them. This can earn you a few thosusand dollars per month if the client is paying well

For you to succeed in this you will need to contact potential shippers directly by eithercalling them or emailing them to get more information about new opportunities. This undertaking can be a hard work– but it pays off.

One thing to keep in mind is that finding new clients is hard. Keeping them for the “long haul” is even harder. As a result, make every effort to keep your clients happy. Go the extra mile when you have to. Remember how hard it was to find them? That’s why you should treat them like gold. I’d like to finish this article with some great advice on how to keep your contracts.
Can you afford new clients?

Keep in mind that adding new clients can disrupt your cash flow. You need to pay for driver and fuel expenses immediately, as you incur them. However, you have to wait 30 to 60 days for your clients to pay your bills. Unless you are prepared, you could run out of funds while waiting for client payments.